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The Vision - Dreams of Flying


Sculpture as public art has a slow and sustained power to its messaging.


Homo sapiens dream about flying. Human flight has been represented in visual art for thousands of years in a multiplicity of cultures all over our planet. This art project will depict human flight with sculptures installed on light poles.


Each flying figure looks like it's about to land and is arriving from somewhere else. Almost like a dream, flight happens in these sculptures by holding out the arms and gliding on flight suit like wings. 




Viewers will come upon a sculpture by their travels initially in their neighborhood but will later be aware that there are other similar sculptures in their Metro area.


Underneath each sculpture will be a plaque with the title, a short link and a QR code enabling users to go to the website about the project and that particular sculpture. 


Many viewers will do a search having seen one from their car or bus and arrive at the same website and see that each location has its own story